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Suffolk Outlaws

Country & Western Music Club
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                                                                     SUFFOLK OUTLAWS Country Music Club

Friday 13th October 2017

On a mild mid-autumn evening we had John Doherty making his first appearance in Sudbury. 
With his excellent voice and a very up to date set list he provided brilliant entertainment for the
crowd of almost a hundred, plus committee.
He opened with the very new Southern Thing (alas too new for us to dance to) but soon had the 
floor very busy with popular tracks that we knew and danced to like Missing and Lay Low,
whilst also including the occasional song targetted at listeners (like Old Soldiers).
After Ted's disco which included Misty, Stitch It Up and DNTO, John's second set really filled the floor
with a good variety of newer and older dances with partners generally well catered for (for example Rosa 
Del Mar and Closer).
Ted's second brief disco session included Alan Gregory's Mexican Cantina before the raffle and announcements. 
(The quartet of committee members present had to work very hard having been "abandoned" by the other four.)
John's final set kept up the pace, with at least a dozen songs in each set. He is the Real Deal and a Countryholic 
with Roots in the right Places. All too soon the evening was over: we hope to see John again 
very soon in Sudbury.

John Cartlidge

Friday 27th October 2017

For our Halloween evening, with well over one hundred present, the Delphi Social Club was decked
with black, green and white balloons, banners and all manner o f(mainly flashing) pumpkins, ghostly
lights and other figures: a truly macabre sight! Many thanks to the committee and other helpers!! 
"TC Stompers and others" (our table) won the best Halloween table, thanks mainly to Sarah & Sean 
who had brought along lots of decorations including three mini skeletal automata: a guitarist, 
a banjo player and a singer, who all performed at a touch of a button, rivalling Jean & Ted's automaton, 
a lit-up vibrating and singing convict trying to escape his cage.
The Storms were our ghostly "live" entertainment; starting off with Champagne Promise and, excellent as ever, 
with their wide variety of country music, all very danceable, they included Haunted Heart in their first set.
The first break started with costume-judging: many had made a great effort to dress up. There were many witches 
(all female, I think, having left their broomsticks outside) including Janet with spooky blue-black cape, 
Alison gloves included, Mary with flashing green head decorations, whilst Daphne's orange top read Creepin It Real. 
Betty had a spiders'-web cloak, Ray a top hat and John Steed green hair and red horns, whilst Peter's black dreadlocks 
stunned us all!
Those brave enough joined the parade and judging: Rick gave the third prize to Rod for his" bones suit". 
Whether out of hesitancy or diplomacy he spun a coin for first and second: 
Amanda (white face) Ja (mask) and little Lilly-Ann (spider girl) were first as a family trio; 
second was Cherie, a very ghoulish witch with a brilliant ghostly pale- green face. (Apologies of course to anyone not 
mentioned here who should have been.)
In the disco we Pretended to be Bored before the Storms came back with Old and Grey and, very appropriately, 
The Monster Munch in their middle set. Sarah won the door draw tonight, whilst raffle prizes evaded all those 
seated at the back.
The last set encouraged us to Ride Away Before the Devil. The Storms really were an Inspiration to us all, 
but all too soon the spooky, scary evening was over!

John Cartlidge