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Suffolk Outlaws

Country & Western Music Club
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                                                                     SUFFOLK OUTLAWS Country Music Club

Friday 8th December 2017

On a very cold and windy winter`s night, making their second appearance as a duo in Sudbury,
we had Country Dawn, aka Stubby and Julie Dawn, to entertain a keen audience of over 80
(total number not necessarly age) dancers and listeners.
As good as their first appearance nearly two years ago, and with an excellent range and choice of 
music - only about a third of their songs were repeats from last time - they gave us a very good night. 
Songs ranged from Missing, their opener, to Patient Heart and I especially enjoyed Julie`s Love Her For A While
and their duets Good Morning Beautiful and Does That Wind Still Blow In Oklahoma. There were usually 
plenty of line dancers to the likes of Love Trip and Old And Grey, and I counted twenty six partner dancers for 
Champagne Promise, almost outnumbering the line dancers here.
Ted's disco included Bored, Pot Of Gold, Ride Away and Red Hot Salsa.
After the raffle and announcements, with Derek winning the members' prize, Stubby reappeared with 
a multi-coloured shirt and flashing headlights followed by Julie in Christmas-themed red and white top and 
brown antlers for their final superb set.
We wish Jean & Ted all the best: after several decades together, they are getting married in America at the start of 2018. 
(They are due back with Ted resuming "disco duties" in April.)
Long live Country (Dawn) music!

John Cartlidge

Friday 22nd December 2017

For our Christmas party this year we had the ever reliable and excellent guitarist Rob Childs 
(it was supposed to be The Lass Vegas duo, but Maria was unwell). 
With an early start over 120 members and guests had another brilliant night with as ever a
great variety of songs, as Rob changed from guitar to guitar regularly, encouraging us to Ride Away 
but reminding us that we were Countryholics to our Roots in the first set.
The special Christmas drinks raffle, two mega prizes, was won by Kim and Brian, before Ted's disco
put us on A Country High but then cooled us down with Ice Cold Corona. 
Rob's second set began with Corn Don't Grow and included Drinkin' Problem and Memphis Love, 
before he announced his engagement the previous evening to the lovely Izzie, who was in the 
audience, prior to then singing The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and finishing the set with Gypsy Queen.
In the special seasonal raffle Janet won a Randolf the Reindeer planter donated by Victorian John,
Andee won the special door draw, a bottle of Prosecco ,and Sean won the members prize of £10.
Eleven Sible Sundowners had dressed up as Victorian gentlefolk complete with bonnets and top hats and 
were given a special prize for their efforts. 
Alison announced the answers to the Big Country Fun Christmas Quiz, which had kept many avidly busy 
during the evening: Tracey, Trish, The Crazy Chicks, The Taylor trio and the "Stuart four" deserve 
special mention for their (all) correct answers first.
Rob began his final set with a festive chicken hat (well it kept his head warm) before including Love Trip, 
Champagne Promise and his second rendition of Louisiana Way. A great night for everyone for our last 
club night of 2017: we were all Thinking Country, as well as Christmas.

John Cartlidge